New Labels?

I haven’t posted any new items to my shop lately for one main reason: labels.

Since I don’t have a printer, label making is a long process. I order the blank labels from and use their software to craft a label that I like (I can be a visual perfectionist, so this takes forever). I then convert the file into a PDF, transfer it onto my USB stick, and drive to Kinko’s with black labels and laptop in tow. At this point I have to pray that my files will line up perfectly with my label sheets. More often than not, they don’t. I have to go back to the file and try to align it, transferring it back to the USB and doing the process over again.

It is a process that I hate. Nine times out of ten the labels don’t line up, wasting expensive labels and making me unbelievably frustrated. So, I don’t make labels, and haven’t made much product in a while.

It’s time for a change. Printers are expensive, so I had to get creative.

Hand drawn labels!

ImageI’m pretty excited about this.


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