My Favorite Natural Beauty Channels on YouTube

Recently I’ve started doing something I honestly never thought I’d be interested in: watching YouTube beauty channels. But, of course, not just any beauty channels. Natural beauty channels (what’d you expect).

These channels not only offer some great information on healthy skin care and cool new products or techniques (dry body brushing anyone?), they also often delve into the ethics of beauty, feminism, and culturing positive thinking about your body. There’s also plenty of makeup tutorials, which is pretty foreign to me as I haven’t really worn makeup in years (though thinking about venturing into it again). I think they offer a form a media that isn’t readily present in modern culture, but needs to be.

So here I’d like to present some of my favorites that I’ve found. For each I’ll link to my favorite video of theirs.

ItsJustAesthetics – The first beauty channel I encountered (through her other channel JustMargaret), I quite honestly love this gal. She has great ideas and expresses them creatively.

Ecoholic – “I’m Jess, a grad student living in Canada. I study literature by day and navigate the world of green-washing by night, seeking genuinely natural products that work.” While her skin care and makeup routines are a little too lengthy for me, I really enjoy her reviews of skin and health care products.

AlannaBobana – “I’m Alanna, I’m 22, I live in Dublin. I talk about beauty, skincare, sometimes fashion and DIY projects!” She has a plethora of natural beauty tips, peppered with lots of positive attitude.

CloudyApples – When I first saw her channel, I made a split second judgement and passed it over. It wasn’t until I went back to it later that I realized what I was missing. Kassie is funny, quirky, and weird. She has tons of information with lots of good vibes.

HolisticHabits – I’ll be honest, I don’t really like this channel all that much. Something about the way she makes her videos doesn’t mesh well with my personality. BUT someone out there reading this might enjoy her (she has a lot of great info), so I’m including her.

There you go! Check ’em out, let me know what you think.

P.S. Not a natural beauty channel, but if you haven’t already, check out the VlogBrothers. They represent everything good in the world.


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