Update: I Failed at Being a Stoic


Despite downloading all the available meditations and workbook for Stoic Week 2013, I just never got around to actually DOING them. You know the regular excuses, life got in the way. I do want to do them, I just never made myself do it. Does anyone else face these same mental blocks, especially when it comes to anything involving meditation? I know that I will benefit from it, I just seem to always find something else to do. A bad excuse, I know, that is probably the result of deep emotional snafus (those exist, right?).

I do plan on going over the resources soon…but get ready for excuses in 3, 2, 1: It has been hectic recently at the Buddha compound. This past weekend we attended a holiday craft show in Durham, NC that was unbelievably fun and successful! I got to talk to loads of interesting people in one of my favorite cities ever. The week leading up to it was quite stressful, as I decided to create and produce close to ten new products, complete with handwritten labels, separate info sheets, and a list of all the ingredients I use and their properties. Smart? No. Fun and fulfilling while incredibly stressful? Yes. So now I am recovering from the weekend and working on getting all those products up on the online shop.

Note: For those interested, I needed to make some room for the new products in the shop, so two of my shampoo soaps are on sale. The Milk and the Herbal Shampoo Soaps are $1 off and after I sell out of them they won’t be available again anytime soon. Would make for a great Christmas (or Solstice or embarrassingly late Hanukkah) gift!


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