Cats! And an Update

This blog has been getting a little stiff, what with the thoughtful discussion on beauty, how-to’s, attempts at Stoicism, and such. So today, I present to you a picture of my cat:


How can you deny that cute-ness? Seriously, someone let me know. It takes all my willpower to delay feeding her in the morning for the sake of tea and breakfast. It also doesn’t help that she WILL NOT LET ME FORGET SHE IS HUNGRY. My fiance is in the background playing his classical guitar. A whole photo of cuteness.


This is our lover boy, Franklin. If you were to come to our place, you would never see him. He is like a ghost cat.


And this is Zozie. Being, well, Zozie…

Yes, I did stop to take a few picture of her before I helped her down. No, that is not mean. She’s the one that wanted to see if she could pull the screen down. I was just letting her see that that is impossible.

I might be a cat lady.

OEBC-related Update: I’m working on new deodorants. Three new scents to replace my one Lavender/Lemongrass: Lavender, Rosemary/Lemongrass, and Orange/Clove. In addition to those, I’m also currently formulating a “Detox Deodorant” for those that are transitioning to natural deodorants from conventional/synthetic versions and finding it difficult. Often when people do the switch, all sorts of junk is pilled up in their pit pores and it needs moving. Some experience irritation, others massive BO, and the Detox Deodorant is going to help with that. It also will not be made with essential oils or baking soda, for those that are sensitive to either.


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