Wedding Crazy

Sorry I haven’t updated in forever. With a new day job (I have been trained in the arts of cappuccino- and latte-making) and an impending wedding coming up (almost two weeks!) I’ve been a little busy. But I thought I’d stop in and say hello and let you guys know some things I’ve been up to lately.


I recently had a custom order for unscented deodorant. I took it as an opportunity to do a little experimenting and tried out my new organic emulsifying wax and rosemary extract (the dark tint is from the extract, which will probably be toned down in future batches). I LOVE the new consistency of the deodorant with the new wax and it is much smoother in application. I tried a one-arm-each test of the old and newer versions and I believe it’s even more effective at stopping the stink.

In the background you can see all the jars I’ve been hoarding for the wedding. I’ve been painting them with glass stain (the cheap kind you can find in the kid’s section of the craft store) to use as tea light holders for centerpieces at the wedding.  Those along with a bunch of succulents we got off of Etsy will be the table decorations (with the succulents doubling as guest favors). I’ll be getting the tea lights in the mail. I decided to get a bunch from the company Good Lights, which are palm oil based. Normally I wouldn’t buy something with palm oil in it, but this company seems committed to the conservation of orangutan habitat. The other options would be soy (couldn’t find a reliable and inexpensive vendor), beeswax (oh how I wish I could afford beeswax candles), or paraffin (no. If I’m going to have extra candles post-wedding, I would prefer them not to be paraffin-based).

We’ve all got to make compromises, and weddings are filled with so many details that have the potential for eco-guilt. I’ve never been a proponent of making decisions solely based on the guilt you might feel afterwards and the wedding is no exception. For example, I want to rent plate and glassware rather than buy plastic disposable sets because that mirrors how I live my life (cloth rags, no plastic plates, etc) and I don’t believe it right to send all that plastic to the landfill to stay for god-knows-how-long. But with such a big event that is coordinated with a number of different people with different viewpoints, compromises have to be made, and nobody wanted to wash all those dishes after the reception. So, I’m not worrying about it. I have plenty more things to spend my attention on and sometimes you have to admit what is and what’s not within your control.*

So that’s why I bought the tea lights.

*I’ve be revisiting the Stoic philosophy with the book The Guide to the Good Life. It is a phenomenal book and has already had an effect on changing my attitudes towards certain situation that would otherwise leave me in a sobbing curled up ball in the corner. Review of the book is to come once I finish it.


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