My Top Stress Busters


Anyone that has been in this lady’s position knows a particularly special level of stress

With the impending nuptials (one week, people!) the Buddha Compound has gotten pretty stressful. With work, school, the wedding, and keeping on top of One-Eyed Buddha Cat related projects, my fiance is at the end of his rope and my face has broken out like a mo’ fo’. I am no expert in dealing with stress (dare to ask Russ how often I break down in tears and you may well be astonished), but I have developed an arsenal of ways to deal with stress and negative emotions.

  • Take a deep breath as soon as you get those negative thoughts. Tired and true method, I can often feel my heart beat slower after a deep breath.
  • Take note of what is within your control, what you only have some control over, and what you have no control over. Work on internalizing your goals, rather than having them be dependent on an external factor. My current read, The Guide to the Good Life, goes further in depth with this idea.
  • Plenty of water to flush all that extra cortisol out of your system.
  • Yoga, or other forms of relaxing self care. Sometimes it’s hard to erk out the time or energy to do things like this, but I always feel better afterwards.
  • Gelatinized maca root powder. I’ve only just started taking this but have noticed an slight improvement in my ability to deal with negative emotions and stress. Get gelatinized over raw.
  • Himalaya Herbal Healthcare StressCare capsules. It’s by no means a miracle pill, but it definitely helps.
  • My homemade St. John’s Wort tincture. Helps me see the light in seemingly dark situations.
  • If I think my hormones are out of wack (often exhibited by hormonal acne along the chin line) I’ll take Gaia Herbs Vitex Elixer. From what I’ve read, Vitex takes a number of months to really set things straight, but luckily this specific tincture has a number of other herbs in there that I’m a fan of.
  • Magnesium powder or oil. I more often use the powder over the oil, though the oil may be more effective.
  • Herbal tea. Often my own mix of loose herbs, though I’m a big fan of Yogi Teas. I can recommend their Stress Relief, Calming, Positive Energy (caffeinated), and Detox.

That’s what helps me. Really the best thing that you can do is change your reaction to external stress and general thought patterns in relation to those situations. Unfortunately that takes time and effort, and isn’t as easy as buying an herbal pill and hoping it solves your problems. BUT (!!) that being said, these methods I list can help you get to a place where it is a lot easier to change your mind, especially if you are starting from an especially depleted baseline. Sometimes we just need a little help, and these methods help me get there.

PS – If you have never bought anything from before, feel free to use my discount code for you first purchase: NNN258. Not to sound like an advertisement, but iHerb has really become my favorite place to buy my natural products. Move over Amazon, because any order over $20 gets free shipping. (Almost) anything with free shipping makes my heart go pitter-patter.

PPS – OEBC will be on vacation for the next week and a half for the wedding. Au revoir!


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