Local Bite Challenge


My husband (!!) and I have decided to attempt the Local Bite Challenge. It’s an experiment to see how much local food one can live on within certain parameters (budget, distance, time, etc.). The creator of the challenge is doing it for 100 days, with a restriction of 100 miles, on $100/week. She opens up the challenge to “exceptions,” or items that you can’t source locally and don’t feel that you can live without. Anything that is already in your pantry is fair game.

For us, we are doing it for 100 days, with local primarily defined as grown in North Carolina (ideally in Eastern NC), and on a budget of $90/week.


Here’s the items we can find locally:

Produce, meat, eggs, fish, beef tallow, and flour from Spring Run Market

Milk, produce, bread, nuts, and various other items from Backyard Produce

Coffee from my work (we serve Joe Van Gogh, which is roasted in Hillsborough — plus I get an employee discount!)

Tea from The Tipsy Teapot (bulk loose tea, though definitely not grown/made locally, at least it’s a local business)


What we can’t find/can’t afford locally (our exceptions, mostly bought at Aldi’s):

Dried Beans



Olive Oil

Seasonings (salt, pepper, etc)


The occasional whiskey


Butter was originally on the exceptions list, but then I saw that Spring Run sells beef tallow. That can easily take the place of butter for most cooking purposes. We have a large supply of homebrewed wine and beer from the wedding, and we don’t have the budget to use all-local ingredients for that, so homebrew is going to be as close as it’s going to get. Another common grocery item is chips and salsa, and I am going to try to find healthier options that still satisfy the snacking monster (our bellies). If I can find local popcorn that would be great. Pasta is a big after-work meal for Russ, and that is another item I would like to replace with something else that still fills him up but is still easy to make (I’m thinking all the oats we still have in the pantry).

This list will probably be kept flexible according to our budget.

If you’re doing the Challenge let me know! If you have any tips or resources please feel free to comment!


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