IMG_0510One-Eyed Buddha Cat is the result of an artist’s love of the natural world. In an effort to simplify the ingredients and products used on my body, I have spent years researching and experimenting with herbs, oils, and other exciting ingredients. The results are the products offered through One-Eyed Buddha Cat.

Here at One-Eyed Buddha Cat, we use all-natural ingredients and don’t try to hide behind heavy fragrances or dyes, nor do we settle for ingredients that don’t perform to their fullest potential. We focus on using quality, all-natural ingredients that work.

In an effort to reduce consumption of raw materials, each bar of shampoo soap is beautifully wrapped in reused newspaper or paper bags. To incorporate my love of working with my hands, each product includes a hand drawn label. Each shipment is walked to the my local post office — walking is my absolute favorite mode of transportation. Not only is it low-impact on the environment, but I get exercise and the chance to watch some of the local wildlife.

2013-01-27 12.16.40

What is the shop name from? My cat, of course! Her true identity is, in fact, not the one and only Buddha Cat, but Buffon (after the fierce Italian soccer player). Despite this, we go along with the game, as she squints her eye mysteriously and meditates.

To contact me, email me at oneeyedbuddhacat@gmail.com

You can also connect to me through Facebook, on the One-Eyed Buddha Cat fan page


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  1. Hi Lauren – I would love to purchase the deodorant from you again – is there a way to meet you in Durham again SOON? I work on Hillsborough Rd in Durham/living near Southpoint/RTP (828)506-1588

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